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Lefitra company

We are a young team from a European country, Estonia. Our team consists of professional Traders more than 10 years on the market, Analytics BigData, psychologists, lawyers, coders and and just enthusiasts who are interested in learning new technologies and an alternative approach to studying and analyzing the market.

We have a huge experience in our business and we want to share with you. Come to us and become part of our team!

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Our services

Our team and our partners are professional traders with more than 10 years of trading on the exchange. Our task is to teach everyone who is interested and who came to us to trade profitably! It is interesting to both parties.

Our Team

All members of the team works united with every projects of the company.
We have gathered the best professionals in the team.
Boris Besker
CEO, founder

Why choose us

Our task is to strengthen discipline
Discipline is a must in business. Our risk management rules contribute to regulating operators through well-defined objectives and trading parameters.
Solve the problems of trading with a small account
By trading in large kapitals, you can get more profit.
This gives you more freedom in terms of risk management and psychological relief for you, as a trader.
Safe trading
Trade with our money and get rid of the fear of losing your savings.
Your success and discipline are also in our interests.
Programs and tools to improve your trading results
We support the results of our traders with the help of unique analytical tools and customized reviews in the form of an analytical evaluation of each account.

Highlights that make us meaningful.
better than our competitors

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We are always opened for new ideas and big deeds